Tuesday, October 9, 2018

'The Flash' Season 5 Premiere Recap: Why Nora's in the Present and a Lead on Killer Frost

The Flash revealed the mystery girl's identity in the season 4 finale, and Nora West-Allen was stuck in the present—or at least, that was what she wanted everyone to think—in the season 5 premiere.

She was keeping something from the team, something Barry finally got to the bottom to and explained why she didn't want to return to her time.

Nora popped up a few times throughout season 4, each time interacting with different members of the team, but notably not Iris, until the finale reveal. That led to speculation about Nora and Iris' relationship.

However, as the premiere revealed, Nora knew her mother—but not her father. Remember that headline, "Flash Missing Vanishes in Crisis"? He was still missing 25 years later in Nora's time, she told Barry. She saw him for the first time at his and Iris' wedding (before the Earth-X invaders interrupted). She wanted to stay in the present so she could get to know him—and to change his future.

Oh, and this was something Barry kept from Iris, since she thought that having Nora meant they got their happy ending.

Meanwhile, Ralph learned all about time travel and the multiverse for the first time because he was too busy focused on his inappropriate humor last year. When the others told him Harry was from Earth-2, he thought they meant "Earth also." Why he thought anyone would say that about another person is a headscratcher.

But Ralph was useful in the premiere; he found out the death certificate for Caitlin's father was fake. That meant Caitlin had a lead to follow to hopefully find out more about Killer Frost being present when she was a child. 

"Nora" also introduced a previously unseen part of STAR Labs: the lounge, a.k.a. Nora's new home, a.k.a. where Joe has apparently been taking naps since season 1.

Elsewhere in the premiere, Wally stuck around long enough to help Barry (and Nora) deal with a meta attacking Central City, and it took all three speedsters to phase a plane through buildings. However, Keiynan Lonsdale isn't a series regular on either The Flash or Legends of Tomorrow this season. Wally was in the middle of finding himself when he joined the Legends—and he fit in much better on Legends than on The Flash, considering the team kept forgetting about him and no one even noticed when he went to a different Earth—and by returning to that, he can pop up based on actor availability in the future.

The last scene introduced Cicada, this season's Big Bad, as he targeted and killed the meta the speedsters stopped.

Oh, and spoiler alert: We know King Shark and Grodd will fight each other in the future, thanks to Nora's excitement. 

The Flash season 5 airs Tuesdays at 8PM on The CW. What did you think of the premiere?

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